Our wives were friends long before we ever met each other. Tyler’s wife is Ashley. Chris’ wife is Asheley. Not only do they share the same name, they also have the same birthday. Super weird, we know.

And since meeting each other only happened because of our wives, it was only fitting to name Ashe Photography Studio after them.

Ashe Photography Studio was created purely by accident. We never set out to create a photography business. Awhile back a friend of Tyler’s wife just got engaged and asked him to take a few photos for their save the date. We just were getting to know each other this point, but Tyler knew that Chris was a food photographer and was interested in photographing something other than cheeseburgers on a plate. Tyler invited Chris along and it ended up being one of the greatest decisions of their lives. It was at this engagement session that our friendship was born. For the first time, we weren’t just friendly. We were friends. And because we were having so much fun, the couple we were photographing also had an incredible time. They insisted that we photograph their wedding, and just from the referrals and word-of-mouth from that very first wedding we’ve been so blessed ever since to have met with and photographed so many incredible couples.

We love weddings. To this day we still have just as much fun and feel the same excitement at every wedding as we did at that first impromptu engagement session all those years ago. This isn’t just a date in our calendar. We are beyond honored each and every time a couple chooses us to photograph the most important day in their lives. We are located in Stony Brook on Long Island.


  •  Tyler + Chris shoot your event. We’re exclusively yours. No substitutions, no subcontracting.
  • We only accept a small number of weddings each year for a really important reason. Photography is our greatest passion, and we want it to stay that way. We would never want to arrive to someone’s most special day and it feel like “work”.  Each and every wedding is one we truly look forward to, with the same giddy anticipation that you have. It’s fun for us, and we’d like to keep it that way.
  • You will not find us on any of those “Recommended Vendor” lists at venues or on the main pages of The Knot or Wedding Wire. Those lists are actually paid advertisements and we prefer our couples find us through genuine referrals or from seeing our work (on social media, our website, and the like).
  • All of your finalized images are just that. Yours. No copyrights, no watermarks. Do with them what you please. Make prints. Get giant canvases to hang up above your bed. Make t-shirts, coffee mugs… heck, rent one of those giant billboards. Just promise us that if you make up t-shirts, you’ll send one our way. We like t-shirts.
  • You’ll get a preview gallery of a bunch of images to share with your family and friends within one week of your wedding. It’s a little something-something you can look forward to while you’re away enjoying your dream honeymoon and we’re stuck here. On Long Island. In traffic.
  • Our engagement sessions are at the location of your choice for 90 minutes… not just a quick portrait sitting inside some bummer of a studio. Because that’s lame, and we’re the exact opposite of that.
  • Still have some questions? Check out our FAQs.


  • Tyler once won the Pinewood Derby. It’s a big deal. At least he thinks it is.
  • Chris may or may not have taken ice skating and cooking lessons as a child. Tyler still laughs about this.
  • There is a wood-fired oven currently residing in Tyler’s backyard. He’s pretty great at making authentic Neapolitan pizza.
  • Tyler has an unhealthy obsession with Costco. But seriously, Costco is pretty awesome.
  • Late night trips to Taco Bell are not uncommon in our friendship.
  • Extra quesadilla sauce at Taco Bell is always required.
  • Real men love to cook. At least that’s what we tell ourselves.
  • Tyler + Chris also run a pretty rad food blog called Shared Appetite.
  • Our talent comes from the One who created us.